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Configuration environment variables

Different app specific functions can be configured via environment different environment variables.



Not applicable for standalone mode

It is possible to configure concurrent thread amount for worker and web containers.

  • RAILS_MAX_THREADS - sets amount of sidekiq threads for worker container or puma threads for web container
  • RAILS_MIN_THREADS - set minimum amount of puma threads for web container. Not applicable for worker container



Not applicable for standalone mode


Following environment variables are used for database connection configuration:

  • MONGODB_URI - all configuration options in a single uri parameter


  • MONGODB_URL - mongodb instance url
  • MONGODB_USER - mongodb username
  • MONGODB_PASSWORD - user password
  • MONGODB_DATABASE - database name
  • MONGODB_RETRY_WRITES - retry writes parameter, true by default


  • REDIS_URL - redis instance url
  • REDIS_PASSWORD - redis password
  • REDIS_TIMEOUT - redis timeout value, default: 1s


  • SECRET_KEY_BASE - custom key used for stored credentials encryption, Rails documentation
  • SETTINGS__LOG_LEVEL - logging level, [debug, info, warn, error]. Default: info
  • SETTINGS__LOG_COLOR - prettier colorized log output. Default: false
  • SETTINGS__DRY_RUN - run check for dependency updates but do not update anything. Default: false
  • SETTINGS__COMMANDS_PREFIX - bot name/prefix for comment commands in merge requests
  • SETTINGS__ANONYMOUS_ACCESS - unauthenticated access to projects page and API resources. Default: true


  • SETTINGS__GITLAB_URL - url of gitlab instance, ex: by default
  • SETTINGS__GITLAB_ACCESS_TOKEN - gitlab personal access token with api scope
  • SETTINGS__GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN - github personal access token with repository read scope, without it you can run into rate limits when fetching changelog and release notes for all dependencies which code comes from github

Gitlab API

  • SETTINGS__GITLAB_API_MAX_RETRY - max number of retry for each gitlab api call, ex: 5. Default: 3
  • SETTINGS__GITLAB_API_MAX_RETRY_INTERVAL - interval (in seconds) between each retry regarding the gitlab api call, ex: 2. Default: 1



Not applicable for standalone mode

  • SETTINGS__DEPENDABOT_URL - url application can be reached on, example: This url will be used to automatically add necessary webhooks to project
  • SETTINGS__CREATE_PROJECT_HOOK - enable or disable automated hook creation, default true. This can be useful if the user associated with used access token, does not have maintainer role
  • SETTINGS__GITLAB_AUTH_TOKEN - optional gitlab webhook token which can be configured under webhook settings in gitlab, if not present, token set in gitlab webhook configuration will be ignored

Configuration file

  • SETTINGS__CONFIG_BASE_FILENAME - path to base configuration file that will be merged with project specific dependabot.yml configuration file, see common-configuration section for more details
  • SETTINGS__CONFIG_FILENAME - custom configuration file location in project repository, default: .gitlab/dependabot.yml
  • SETTINGS__CONFIG_BRANCH - custom branch to fetch dependabot.yml. This option does not affect target branch where dependabot checks for manifest files and raises merge requests against. For that, target-branch option in configuration file itself must be used
  • SETTINGS__CONFIG_LOCAL_FILENAME - local configuration file location, will be used if no configuration file is found in project repository


    This configuration will be applied to all projects that do not have dependabot.yml configuration file in repository. This can lead to unexpected behavior if you have projects with different package managers and different folder structures.



Not applicable for standalone mode

  • SETTINGS__UPDATE_RETRY - amount of retries for dependency update job or false to disable. Default: 2
  • SETTINGS__EXPIRE_RUN_DATA - purge persisted dependency update run logs from database after period of time in seconds, default 1 month
  • SETTINGS__UPDATER_TEMPLATE_PATH - path to template file describing updater container setup, set automatically via helm chart deployment and set to docker-compose.yml in app root in case of docker-compose deployment
  • SETTINGS__DELETE_UPDATER_CONTAINER - remove updater container after dependency updates finished. Default: true
  • SETTINGS__UPDATER_CONTAINER_STARTUP_TIMEOUT - timeout in seconds before updater pod is considered to not have started successfully and update aborted. Default: 180
  • SETTINGS__DEPLOY_MODE - application deployment mode, compose or k8s. This setting is used internally to determine how updater containers should be created.
  • SETTINGS__UPDATER_IMAGE_PATTERN - Ecosystem specific image pattern, where package_ecosystem is one of the supported ecosystems: [bundler, npm, gomod, pip, docker, composer, pub, cargo, buget, maven, gradle, mix, terraform, elm, gitsubmodule], example: andrcuns/dependabot-gitlab-%<package_ecosystem>s:latest. Default: none
  • SETTINGS__COMPOSE_UPDATER_ALWAYS_PULL - always pull updater image before running it. Only applicable when deploy mode is compose. Default: false
  • SETTINGS__SIDEKIQ_ALIVE_KEY_TTL - allows to configure redis key ttl value for worker healthcheck implementation. More about this option in sidekiq_alive Time to live value configuration section. Increasing this value can be useful if worker container is processing a lot of jobs and too small of a value can lead to sidekiq not being able to schedule healtcheck jobs in time. Default: 60

Project registration


Not applicable for standalone mode

    • manual - default value which disables automated project registration
    • system_hook - enable api/project/registration endpoint for system webhook configuration
    • automatic - creates a cron job which automatically scans all projects where user associated with used gitlab access token has at least developer role and adds project if dependabot.yml configuration file is present
  • SETTINGS__PROJECT_REGISTRATION_CRON - cron expression for project registration job in automatic mode, default: 0 5 * * *
  • SETTINGS__PROJECT_REGISTRATION_ALLOW_PATTERN - allowed project path regex pattern for automatic of system_hook registration mode
  • SETTINGS__PROJECT_REGISTRATION_IGNORE_PATTERN - ignored project path regex pattern for automatic of system_hook registration mode, will override allow pattern if both patterns match certain project path
  • SETTINGS__PROJECT_REGISTRATION_RUN_ON_BOOT - when in automatic mode, trigger project registration job immediately after boot



Not applicable for standalone mode

  • SETTINGS__METRICS - enable /metrics endpoint for prometheus compatible metrics


  • SENTRY_DSN - sentry dsn value
  • SETTINGS__SENTRY_TRACES_SAMPLE_RATE - traces sample rate, default: 0.0
  • SETTINGS__SENTRY_IGNORED_ERRORS - comma separated string of exceptions to exclude from reporting to sentry