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Getting started

This section shows the simplest scenario to start using dependabot-gitlab

Step 1: Add configuration file

Add configuration file .gitlab/dependabot.yml to the project. Minimal configuration requires following options to be present:

version: 2
  - package-ecosystem: package-manager
    directory: /
      interval: daily

Step 2: Set up access tokens

  • Create Gitlab personal access token with api and read_repository access scopes and at least Developer role.

  • Create github personal access token with public_repo access scope if all your dependencies come from public repositories or repo scope if some dependencies might need to fetch changelog data from private repositories. Setting up github access token is optional but due to very low rate limit for anonymous users, it is highly recommended for updates to work properly.

Step 3: Run the app

Stateless mode

Check out standalone-mode guide for details on how to add simple GitLab CI job to run dependency updates.

Service mode

Save gitlab url to environment variable SETTINGS__GITLAB_URL:


Save gitlab access token to environment variable SETTINGS__GITLAB_ACCESS_TOKEN:

export SETTINGS__GITLAB_ACCESS_TOKEN=gitlab_access_token

Save github access token to environment variable SETTINGS__GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN:

export SETTINGS__GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN=github_access_token

Start app using docker compose:

curl -s | docker compose -f - up -d

Add project

Go to http://localhost:3000 and use New project button to add project to the list of projects that will be updated.